Kennewick Police arrested a 31-year-old man after an altercation at Walmart Saturday night.

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The suspect is accused of showing up to a meeting on a stolen motorcycle.

The suspect arrived at the parking lot on a stolen Kawasaki. The motorcycle was stolen earlier in Pasco. This caused a disturbance as several people tried to restrain the suspect. Upon arrival at the scene, Police also attempted to restrain the suspect who refused warnings. The man then assaulted an officer. The accused thief was eventually taken into custody and booked into the Benton County Jail.

Several people informed Police that the suspect had stolen a motorcycle a few days ago in Richland. After investigation, the suspect was wanted in connection to at least 3 other motorcycle thefts in the area. the suspect is accused of contacting motorcycle sellers and requesting to test drive them. He has failed to return the motorcycles to the owners.

This time was different. He was recognized as a thief, and people called the Police. The suspect is charged with Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Resisting Arrest, and Assault 3rd Degree. Several other felony charges are pending.

Police advise when meeting to sell or purchase items online, to always meet during the day in a public setting, like a police station parking lot. If they refuse, it's a red flag, and you don't want their business anyway.

Read more from the Kennewick Police Department's Facebook page.

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