With the focus on Murder Hornets I just wanted to remind everyone not to forget about the deadly Tick and trust me when I say they are out and doing their thing. I made a brief visit out to our irrigation pond today and in that quick trip I picked up a hitchhiker!

Ticks can be deadly by spreading multiple diseases, the most common known disease from a Tick is Lyme disease.

The Tick family are the hide-and-go-seek champions year after year. It is important to check yourself thoroughly after being outside where bushes, trees, tall grassy areas or shrubbery... they love to hide. I recommend stripping your clothing completely and having someone check you from head to toe. They love to hide in the scalp, belly button, armpit and even behind they knees. If it bends, has hair or is on your body, I recommend checking it.

If you do have a Tick on you, use a pair of tweezers to remove it, take it outdoors and smash it. They don't like to die easily so I would smash it two or three times just for good measure. I DO NOT recommend taking a good butter knife and cutting it in half on your wives freshly cleaned counter, that is also bad for your health!

Don't forget to check your pets too.

Stay safe out there friends!


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