Oregon officials are facing a gooey cleanup, and some folks in Korea are going to be hungry.

In perhaps their weirdest assignment in a long time, Oregon State Patrol troopers had to contend with a road covered in eels and slime after a truck carrying the wiggly creatures overturned.

Highway 101 in Lincoln County was turned into a gooey mess for a stretch after the truck tipped over. It was involved in a collision with another vehicle, pictured here with the back end crunched, covered in slime.

According to yaktrinews.com, the truck was hauling the eels to a seaport where they would be shipped to Korea. There, they'd be eaten.  Most of the eels didn't survive the crash.

The crash occurred Thursday afternoon, around 1:30pm. As of latest word, the road was still being cleaned up. They should call the janitorial crew who works at Nikelodeon, they've had lots of experience with slime...but maybe NOT eels. Wait! those would be TV executives.

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