If you're missing that smell of butter popcorn in the air and seeing your favorite movies on the big screen, don't fret, the Fairchild Cinemas in Pasco is finally reopening on April 23rd.

Nothing beats seeing a movie on the big screen and enjoying a huge bucket of buttered popcorn.

The Fairchild Cinemas in Pasco have been shut down since March of 2020 due to COVID-19 and the pandemic. It now looks like the Cinemas will reopen on April 23rd.

Fairchild Cinemas staff say you don't have to make a reservation. They do recommend that you buy your tickets online.

You can get more details about the Cinemas reopening here.

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Did you realize that a lot of movies and TV shows have been filmed in the Pacific Northwest? We all know about Northern Exposure and Roslyn Washington's Cafe that's in the opening credits of that famous sitcom but there are several other locations you might not be aware of.

Have you seen the Robin Williams movie Toys from the early 1990s? It was filmed in the wheat fields near Pullman Washington. The story goes that the farmer who owned the land didn't want the land to be disturbed so the movie producers built a road through the fields and then ripped up the road after filming wrapped

Check out below the top TV filming locations and make sure you check which one we featured in Washington State.

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