Spider-Man: No Way Home is projected to be the biggest movie of 2021 and it opens on December 17th in the Tri-Cities. 

Everyone is excited for this third installment of the Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures franchise.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Opens In Theaters On December 17th

Spider-Man fans are anxiously waiting to see if all three Spider-Men will be in the picture. Ticket sales are already through the roof and I'm sure the movie won't disappoint.

youtube/clayton crain
youtube/clayton crain

As much as we love the Marvel movies, can you imagine if you were one of the artists that get to bring Marvel Comics iconic character Spider-Man to life?

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Moxee Washington Native Draws Spider-Man For Marvel Comics

One such young man that is living his dream of creating comic books was born and raised just a few miles up the road from the Tri-Cities in the little town of Moxee Washington.

Clayton Crain who grew up in Moxee Washington knew he wanted to be a comic book artist when he first picked up a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #315

marvel comics
marvel comics

Ironically, that's an issue drawn by another Pacific Northwest native Todd McFarlane who went on to create Venom and Spawn. Crain knew from that moment on, he wanted to be a comic book artist.

Comic Book Artist Clayton Crain Was Born And Raised In Moxee Washington

Crain has been a comic book illustrator since 1998 and he's worked on everything from Spider-Man to Ghost Rider for Marvel Comics. Crain also got to do work on Spawn for Todd McFarlane (who incidentally drew) that very first comic book Crain picked up.

If you are looking for his earliest works as your thumbing through old comic books at Adventure Underground, Shadowman for Acclaim Comics #16-20 are the books to be looking for.

Crain has been back to the Northwest and even done Comic-Cons in Seattle and Portland. He even did an in-store signing at Ron's Coin and Collectables in Yakima, his old stomping grounds, last year.

If you want to check out this Washington artist that's hit it big by drawing Spider-Man and Venom, he's all over social media and you can even purchase his works on his website here.

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