Area where shots fired (Google Street view-maps)
Area where shots fired (Google Street view-maps)

Around 10:30 AM Friday morning Kennewick Police were called to a cluster of trailers in the 800 block of West Klamath Street, just off Columbia Park Trail, for reports of gunfire.

Initial 9-1-1 calls indicated a male was in the area, holding what appeared to be a rifle. He was seen firing near some of the residences.

Upon arrival it was determined anywhere from 12 to 15 shots were fired, reportedly at a victim. Police did not say if victim was male or female, or what led up to shooting.

Police have recovered numerous spent shell casings, but did not say what kind of weapon it was.

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Based upon the address and city data, this would be the KIamath Court Trailer Park, a trailer burned down there in 2018, but no one was hurt.

According to officers, the suspect had already left before Law Enforcement arrived.

Reports indicate there is a victim, who was possibly targeted, but they are being described as uncooperative by Police. Several vehicles in the area were damaged, but no one is known to have been hurt.

The investigation continues.


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