My husband, Jeff gets a bad rap.  All. The. Time.  I'm really glad that I have the opportunity to apologize in a public forum.  OK, not really.

I was in a hurry this morning, and could not find my new, Yeti coffee mug.  You know, my really cool beverage holder that keeps everything really cold or really hot, depending on what's in there.

I bring this coffee mug to work and home every day.  I received it as a birthday gift this past March.  It is my go-to mug.  I take very good care of it.

This morning, looking for my clean mug in the dish drainer rack, I didn't see it.  I looked high and low.  It's nowhere.  I check all the cupboards.  Where is my mug?  The lid is in the drainer rack.  Why is the lid there, but not the mug?  Where is it?

Thank goodness, I have an older, well-seasoned coffee cup & lid that will suffice.  I fill the cup with my coffee and cream and am good to go.

I remember everything Jeff has discarded in earlier moves, my favorite kitchen gadgets, including an egg cooker and humidifier.  He's admitted to tossing them out in the last move.

I called Jeff on my way to work.  "Where is my coffee mug?"  Jeff replies, "It's in the kitchen, in the dish drainer."  I say, "No, it's not.  I looked."  Long story short, I accused him of throwing it out and abruptly hung up.

Some time later, I received the following video in a text.

Now what?  I need to apologize.  Can you relate?

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