My wife is awesome but the one thing that bothers her is clutter around the house especially my stuff.

I do have a good reason why I tend to keep stuff but it doesn't make sense to her.

There is a new survey by ClosetMaid that reveals that 50% of people have a problem with clutter.

The survey goes on to say that the average person hoards 23 items in their home they don't use and that 31% of people have a broken item in their home that they refuse to throw out.

The survey continues to say that 57% of people hoard for sentimental reasons and that's where I'm at with my minor hoarding.

I grew up poor so anything I got as a child, I held on to.

It drives my wife nuts and I tell her that she can give my stuff away, but I can't bring myself to do it. She doesn't seem to understand that I'm attached to certain things.

I luckily have a Man Cave with most of my stuff in it but occasionally stuff gets around the house and that's when she gets frustrated. I think she'd be more understanding if she knew the reasoning behind it.

The good news, I only seem to hoard comic books, clothes, old records and a few extra cars in the driveway so it's not as bad as you might think.



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