In spite of a completely horrific windy day "from you know where", Tony & I set out on Sunday with the horses and practiced with our new high line and hammocks that we bought at REI for about $60.  for camping!

We figure it's best to check it all out ahead of time before we get up in the mountains and realize it doesn't work!

We have a new way of" high lining" the horses where we use rings on the tree savers so that we can easily pull the tension out of the rope when it gets any sag.

We also purchased these cool hammocks that enables you to be off the ground while you sleep, and therefore stay dryer, and more comfortable because you can avoid sleeping on a rock or a root etc.

There are "Rain Fly Tarps" that you can buy to put over the hammocks-to help shelter you from rain. Tony bought one, I haven't purchased that item yet.

You can also use the hammock as a "chair" off the ground to sit around the camp fire. Of course you need to make sure you are camping where there are trees!

I'm teaching my rescue filly to "Pack" and she's doing great!( Note the Panniers on her with the pack saddle.)  She's just been a jewel! And is coming along quite nicely in her training.

It's important for Tony & I to have very easy to pack (fold down to small) items and light weight clothing and equipment so that everything we'll need, can fit in small packs that are easy to ride with or pack on a horse.

We've been doing lots of rides and research trying to figure out the best ways to accomplish that!

So..All we need now is some good weather! We will head to the mountains for some backpacking and riding to some cool remote locations all over WA!

If you have any information or experience that you are willing to share with us, to help us along with our adventures. Please feel free to post and reply!

Check out both videos..and see the hammocks. They really seem like they will be very comfortable! I think I might need one for my dog tho....I know she'll want to climb in with me! Not sure that's going to work well.

Thank you SOOO much!

Happy Trails!