The City of Kennewick is making a few changes to how massage practices can operate. 

Among other rules, city council members passed an ordinance that says the businesses can only operate from 10pm to 6am. 

The original language of the ordinance listed the hours of operation from 8pm to 6am, but it was amended after Councilman Loren Anderson noted problems with the earlier time. 

"It's been clear with people who've spoken to us and online comments that it's going to adversely affect quite a few, not just business owners and workers, but also clients." Anderson said.

The ordinance includes a number of other rules that will goes into effect September 1st.

  • Make a massage or reflexology business license a Class II license.
  • Require a business to conspicuously display a list of all services offered in a prominent place with brief descriptions of the services and costs.
  • Permit the Kennewick Police Department to inspect a business’ common area during business hours to ensure the business conspicuously displays a list of all services and that each therapist is over the age of 18, among other requirements.

The passage of the city's Massage and Reflexology Services ordinance follows a months-long investigation into human trafficking and prostitution that led to the shutdown of massage parlors in Kennewick, Wenatchee and Tacoma.

Both 60-year-old Linhui Yan and 43-year-old Yan Yang from Tacoma are wanted on charges that include leading organized crime, promoting prostitution and money laundering.

Detectives have been unable to find the pair and believe they may have fled the country.

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