When you get caught in the act, you get sloppy, and apparently, a Kennewick car hopper has left behind clues to their identity, and now Benton County Sheriff Deputies are looking for a suspect.

The situation involved an interrupted robbery attempt and a K-9 discovering clues to the thief's identity.

Here is the report as filed by the Benton County Sheriff's Department:

"Deputies were dispatched to the Summit View area for an interrupted burglary. The suspect when startled left a phone and car keys behind. A K9 track of the area was conducted leading back to this stolen vehicle from Richland. The car keys happen to fit the car and a few personal belongings were located by the K9.
If anyone in the Summit View area has video of one, possibly two, males walking in the area with a dog about 6:00 pm on 11/3/20 please contact dispatch (628-0333) to have a deputy swing by and take a look."

Deputies are still looking for the suspects so if you have any information, reach out to the Benton County Sheriff's Office here.

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