What's The #1 Free Attraction In Washington State?

My wife and I recently when on a camping trip to Indian Creek campground outside of Pilot Rock Oregon. We had a great time and our dogs loved it. It was also pretty inexpensive as my wife has no problem tent camping to save money.


What's The Best Bang-For-My-Buck Attraction To See In Washington State?

It got me thinking about traveling and doing things on a small budget. I thought, what attractions could you see for free in Washington State?

I know there are plenty of small free attractions around the Tri-Cities and such but I wanted to see what I'd pick by sure volume of size and biggest bang for your buck

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I feel out of all of the free attractions in Washington State, the #1 free attraction in Washington State is the North Cascades National Park. No entrance fee is required to visit North Cascades National Park which makes it free to visit!


Here are some reasons why North Cascades National Park is worth being the #1 best free attraction in Washington State.

First, let's talk about the scenery. North Cascades National Park is often referred to as the "American Alps," and for good reason.

The park's rugged peaks, including Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan, are some of the most iconic in the Pacific Northwest.

One of the best is the Cascade Pass Trail, which offers sweeping views of the surrounding peaks and glaciers.


But North Cascades National Park is more than just mountains. The park is home to more than 312 glaciers, making it one of the most glaciated areas in the United States outside of Alaska.

The most famous of these glaciers is probably the massive Boston Glacier.

Another popular spot is the incredibly blue Diablo Lake, which is fed by nearby glaciers.

Take a boat tour to see its turquoise waters up close, or hike to one of its many viewpoints for a bird's-eye view.


Wildlife is another highlight of North Cascades National Park. It's not uncommon to spot a black bear or moose while hiking in the park. Other animals you might see include mountain goats, marmots, and pika, a type of small, furry rodent.

The park is also home to a variety of bird species, including bald eagles, ospreys, and ptarmigan.

One thing that makes North Cascades National Park unique is its lack of crowds. This is a relatively remote park, and it doesn't get the same influx of visitors that some of the more popular parks do.

You'll also want to be prepared for changing weather conditions but for the price of admission, North Cascades National Park is a great attraction to visit in Washington State on a budget.

Let me know in the comments below if you have been to the North Cascades National Park and tell me about your adventure.

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