Remember those old Pee-Chee folders you had in school? You'll be surprised to discover that your Pee-Chee does have a link to Oregon and in a good way.

Do You Know Why They Call A Pee-Chee A Pee-Chee?

Back in school, we all had Pee-Chee's but do you realize that your old school folder does have a link to Oregon and you might not even realize it?

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Pee-Chee's were first produced in 1943 and had become a school must-have when I was a kid in the '80s.

Kids For A Whole Generation Used Pee-Chee's

The reason they are called Pee-Chee is because of their "peach" coloring. Pee-Chee's come in other colors but the peach-colored ones have remained the most popular.


Pee-Chee's popularity declined in the late '90s but is still fondly remembered by many and can be spotted in such TV shows as That 70's Show and Stranger Things.

You Can Spot Pee-Chee's In TV's And Movies

The Pee-Chee can still be spotted at stores occasionally since 2014 as they've made a comeback of sorts.

What makes the Pee-Chee fascinating for us in the Pacific Northwest, is that the pictures drawn on the Pee-Che has a direct link to Mt. Hood and Oregon.

Do You Realize That Pee-Chee Has Something To Do With Oregon?

The artist who drew the pictures of high-school athletes on the folders, Francis Golden, took inspiration from a photo that shows skiers on Mt. Hood in Oregon.

The photo was shot on Mt. Hood and has been immortalized on the Pee-Chee since 1964.

Thanks to Oregon Life's posting on Facebook, you can see the original photo in contrast with the Pee-Chee version.

Pretty amazing huh?

It was something I never knew about the Pee-Chee until I saw the posting from Oregon Life. I guess the old adage you learn something new every day really is true. The next time you look at a Pee-Chee, you'll now see that it does have its origins in Oregon.

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