PHEWEEEE - An Older RV is spewing sewage all round Pasco but the Pasco PD finally caught up those "breaking badly"

Here are the complete details from the Pasco Police Facebook page ...

Pasco officers have been dealing with this Heisenburg-style RV on-and-off for months, but had to take action Wednesday night when it went down the street leaving a swath of raw sewage like an eight-ton scared puppy.

Officers had previously spent over two hours on Tuesday getting this geriatric motor home towed off A Street. They were vividly aware that it was home to two adults, six dogs, and was draining raw sewage onto the street from the holding tank. They eventually got a Class-3 tow there Tuesday night and it was taken to a relative’s property.

At about 8 PM Wednesday, Sergeant Chad Pettijohn was passing that relative’s house on Sylvester and saw the RV pulling out, driven by one of the adults he had dealt with on Tuesday. He already knew that she was suspended, and he could see that the RV was again laying down a steady stream of unsavory sewage, chunky and liquid, accessorized by used toilet paper.

He pulled it over on 14th near Irving. The driver, Ashley N. Ingram, DOB 090488 of Pasco, was cited and released for Driving While Suspended 3rd Degree and Hazardous Waste Violation, both misdemeanors. Another Class-3 tow was called and the RV was impounded for 30 days.

The unsung heroes are the Street Dept folks. They were called over while officers blocked the streets. They looked up and down, said that they needed more equipment, and returned with basically a pickup-load of kitty litter to spread on the offensive mess, so that they could sweep up something solid.

Pasco case PP17-40109 Unlawful Dumping

facebook/pasco police
facebook/pasco police

If you are smelling some funk in the air around Pasco, this might be the cause!

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