Last year, I bought a GO PRO Camera so I could wear it when I play on my horse in the river, so YOU would have a chance at knowing how it feels to do that! (in case you wanted to) But, I couldn't figure out how to use it very well. So,  On this particular day, Tony (my boyfriend) was determined to learn how to use it. So this is Tony trying it out while he was getting his gelding "Duece" used to the water.And I was playing... I love the water and I love my horse so it goes hand in hand.Oh...and I was taking Yoga during this time, so I was doing Yoga poses on my horses rump..that is what that was! I know, I kinda act like I'm 13!

I do realize there is part of the video that I sorta have a "Plumers Butt" thing goin on! Sorry about that...can't be helped when I'm jumpin on and off my horse. So, just pretend you don't see that ok? I hope it doesn't offend anyone!







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