Hey! Let's sing the Pepto Bismol song!

"When you have nausea-heartburn-indigestion-upset stomach-diarrhea!"

Oh, brother, I feel like I'm 12 again and giggling at just hearing the runny-poop word. I used to sing "common-dommon-diya-ria ria ria" with my cousins as kids. (Read that again and say it out loud. It's funny!) I didn't start it...they did, and most of them are in prison now. So I will try to be a grown-up as I tell you about the dangers of diarrhea and swimming. Yes, it's naturally bad in a swimming pool. But it can even be just as bad in the ocean, believe it or not.


In a swimming pool chlorine certainly helps. But it does not solve the problem and even small amounts of diarrhea in any recreational water can really wreck your summer. Experts with the CDC are asking that if your child even has a remote chance of diarrhea, or has had it recently, please keep them out of the water!

Lots of folks shower when they get out of the water, did you know the CDC recommends showering before you get in the water? It really can help keep the water cleaner. Even tiny amounts of feces can contaminate a large amount of water. Have you ever accidentally swallowed a gulp of swimming pool water? The CDC says the most common illnesses are spread through recreational water. Blecchh!

Let's sing the Pepto Bismol song again!

"When you have nausea-heartburn-indigestion-upset stomach-diarrhea!

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