If you see something zipping fast across the Oregon night sky over the next few days, don't be surprised as the Oregon National Guard lighting up the night with jets!

Night training is happening with the Oregon National Guard over the next few days so if you peer up, you might see some red hot engine lights trailing in the sky.

In a press release, here is what is going on:

Night training allows the Citizen-Airmen pilots based at the Portland Air National Guard Base to stay current with mandatory Air Force requirements. Night flying is conducted as an essential training requirement for nighttime maneuvers. Training flights will be completed each evening before 11:00 p.m.

The Wing Commander describes what the pilots are up to:

“Night flying is particularly important for Oregon because the 142nd Wing provides 24/7/365 top-cover for the entire Pacific Northwest,” said Colonel David Unruh, 142nd Wing Commander. “The night training ensures our pilots maintain the highest level of readiness. Night flying, with its additional challenges, hones the tactical edge to razor sharpness.”

So if you see some jets streaking across the night sky, you'll know it's Oregon's bravest flying high above.

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