We've got more snow in the forecast but there is a bright spot if you are traveling on Oregon 204 this weekend.

OR204 which is also referred to as the Tollgate Highway is now open to all traffic according to a press release from the Eastern Oregon Department of Transportation.

According to the release, expect winter conditions and very limited parking near sno-park areas.

ODOT crew are continuing to blow snow away from road shoulders and benching some berms for better visibility.

ODOT is working to get caught up and have most of the snow parks open by tomorrow, depending on weather conditions. Please drive with caution if you are traveling on this route.

Check TripCheck.com or call 511 / 800-977-6368 for update conditions. Outside Oregon call 503-588-2941.

If you are curious about the state of the SNO-PARK parking in the area, the press release had this to say about the availability of parking:

There is currently very little to no parking in snow parks adjacent to OR204 and visitors should expect deep snow in the parking areas off the highway. Parking on the side of the highway in areas not designated for (Sno-Park) parking is not a viable alternative and will significantly slow our snow removal operations. It will also create a hazard in the low visibility conditions.

Tollgate Highway and the SNO-PARK continue to be popular destinations for many outdoor enthusiasts but it's good to know before you go on the condition of the roads and the highway. You can check TripCheck.com or call 511 / 800-977-6368 for updated conditions. Outside Oregon call 503-588-2941.

Please drive carefully.

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