The City of Othello is sick and tired of dealing with civil disputes over residents' treatment of a growing feral cat population!

The problem is people feeding them! They think they're being kind-hearted, but they're contributing to a serious problem. Property owners say the cats sneak in and pee all over stuff.

It's already against the law to feed them. Trapping them alone doesn't seem to help.

The city wants to spay or neuter the cats and then let them go. Then people can enjoy them visiting their yards if that's what they want. People can still feed them if they get joy from that. But the problem will steadily diminish instead of grow.

As a compromise the city is debating allowing residents to feed the cats if they also agree to trap them and take them to a vet to be spayed or neutered. But some city council members doubt residents will follow through.

[SOURCE: Columbia Basin Herald]