It's the giving season and I was thinking of all the ways to give back when I came across Pacific Northwest Fresh giving back like nobodies business!

Owner Emily and her helpers just packed up 1,100 boxes of fresh fruits and produce and donated it to six public schools in the Yakima School District for distribution yesterday and what a feat that must have been!

It takes a village of volunteers to pull off giving at this capacity so a huge shout-out to everyone who was involved. This time of year can always be tough but with the pandemic still raging it's needed more than ever.

Pacific Northwest Fresh has a very cool feature of their local fresh produce business, they offer boxes of fresh fruits and veggies to those in the community who are in need, or if you are wanting to give back this season you can sign-up to donate a box to someone in the community.

If you follow them on Instagram, you'll see a sneak peak of what each weekly box contains and honestly it is just the most fun to come home to a beautifully packed box of the freshest in season produce the valley has to offer.

Have you heard of Romanesco? It looks like mini Christmas trees

If you are wanting to give back but don't have the funds to donate you could always find the businesses you love most on social media or google and give them glowing reviews. While everyone is fighting to stay in business an unsolicited note letting them know their push is not in vain, could be just the ticket to keep the fire lit.

Pacific Northwest Fresh

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