Paris Hilton is garnering attention for calling a radio dj a "f***ing a**hole" and if you actually listen to the interview, you realize it's the other way around. A radio dj was rude to Paris Hilton. TMZ is saying she went "ballistic" and launched into an "expletive-filled rant." In reality, she was calm, collected and had ever reason to believe she was off the air! Here's where the dj went wrong:<!--more-->

As a host, it's your job to make the guest feel welcome and appreciated. If they're rude, it's entertaining -- they're still doing you a favor. And you ALWAYS mention the project they're promoting. It's part of the verbal contract: they'll make your show more interesting by calling in, and you'll talk about their project. This guy was awful.

And all of this is in addition to the fact that he asked shallow, sexist questions. Paris Hilton is an actress, model, singer, entrepreneur and socialite. Yet he boils her down to another "Kim Kardashian."

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