A Pasco tire thief is behind bars charged with burglary in several area thefts.

According to a Facebook post by the Pasco Police Department, 21-year old Christopher A. Garcia was arrested Sunday morning for Commercial burglary of a tire store.

Tires and wheels were taken from the Tires For Less location on North Oregon Wednesday night. (02/03/21) A pickup truck was caught on surveillance video. This incident was not reported to Police at the time.

Then on Friday morning, (02/05/21) around 2:30 am, a black RAM pickup truck was seen on security video from Gonzalez Tires on East Lewis. The owner recognized the truck as one that the shop worked on previously. The padlock was cut off to the business's storage yard and it was discovered that several mounted and loose tires and wheels were stolen.

Dave Allen

On Sunday, (02/07021) at about 5:30 am, the burglar alarm at Gonzalez Tires went off. officers saw that even though the gate was open, nothing appeared to be missing.

After investigation, Pasco Police were led to a house in the 1500 block of West Yakima, where they found the probable suspect black RAM truck. They also found a lot of tires consistent with the stolen property, and another pickup in the alley loaded with yet more tires and wheels.

Dave Allen

After search warrants were obtained, the stolen tires and rims were positively identified and all were returned to the rightful owners.

Garcia is in the Franklin County Jail for Commercial Burglary.

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