Credit: City of Pasco
Credit: City of Pasco

Have you ever though about being a part of a master plan for a city? This sounds like an awesome opportunity to be heard in your community. That is, if you reside in the area of Pasco.

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The City of Pasco Parks and Rec Department is in the process of updating, and your assistance is requested.

What's the deal?

The City of Pasco is updating the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Detail for parks, trails, and recreation facilities will be addressed.

How can YOU help?

The City of Pasco wants to hear from everyone. Your insights are important! Advisors want to hear your thoughts on specific needs you'd like to be addressed about Pasco parks.

What can you do NOW?

Take a few minutes to read over and answer the following survey questions. Then, encourage your neighbors and friends to do the same. The more completed surveys, the better. The survey is in both English and Spanish.

Responses must be received by October 15th, 2021. The results will be shared in the near future. The City of Pasco Parks and Rec Department thanks you for completing the survey. They are grateful for your assistance in helping to shape the future of Pasco's parks, recreation facilities, and open lands and trails.

Remember, the more surveys the City of Pasco receives, the better for all issues to be addressed. Nothing can be changed, until the issue is known.

For more, visit the City of Pasco online.

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