Pasco police, trying to do something good for the community, posted that they will be giving away free face masks on Friday morning. Not crummy ones either! But the high-quality KN95 masks (even though their post says they will be KN90 masks which I couldn't find on the internet, so I think it was a typo).

The post says they will be giving out packs of 50 of these while supplies last, starting at 9 a.m. Friday morning, details below.

Meanwhile, the destruction of the universe is still underway with all of the unnecessary comments on their Facebook post which you can also see below.

The way I look at it, if you want to wear a mask, then wear one.

If you don't, then don't.


No social media comment is required.

I wonder if beings in another universe ever see something on their internet that they don't care for and simply keep scrolling without commenting. If they're superior, they do.

It would be okay for us to do that.

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