They say a well-lit home is a safer home.  Here's a public service message from the Pasco Police Department...

According to ADT...

Outdoor lights help make for an easy crime deterrent at night. While motion-sensing lights are by far the best option, simply leaving a porch light on along with the back door or side door lights works very well. Criminals don’t usually like to break down a door or bust out a window if they can be seen. Leaving on an outdoor light is one way to draw attention to them.

ADT recommends 3 things to do to keep burglars away.

1. Light up your home.
3. Don't be a show-off.

You know that nice TV you’re getting next week? Bring it in the back door. That nice motorcycle parked in the garage? Keep the cover on it and the garage locked. It’s simple really: don’t flaunt what you have! If you leave nice possessions in your yard or driveway, or choose to move your new big screen TV in through the front door, you’re letting everyone on the street know what you have in your house. All it takes is one bad person to notice and then you may have a problem. You don’t have to lock your house down like it’s some sort of compound, but putting things away when they aren’t in use is never a bad idea anyway.

Read more about how to keep porch pirates away from your home here.

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