Pasco Police want you to be on the lookout for a stolen white panel van with WA License #C39519V. The van above is NOT the actual vehicle that was taken but is similar to the van that was stolen over the weekend. The van was taken from the Port of Pasco area near the Cable Bridge and Sacajawea State Park.

The car thief found the hidden spare key and made off with the van. Before the van was taken it had "53" on the windshield and "On Trac" "12x24" magnetic signs on the sides. It's more than likely those signs have been removed, and who knows, the van may be re-painted by now.

Police advise that if your company has parked vehicles outside to check the plates on them. One creative pickup truck thief switched the license plates with a similar not-stolen pickup and was able to drive around for two entire weeks before caught! The not-stolen pickup had the stolen plates on it the entire time.

Two things to take from this:

1. Do NOT place a spare key anywhere on the vehicle.

2. Be mindful of your license plates.

It's amazing how similar vehicles look to one another. I can't tell you how many times I've attempted to enter someone else's vehicle, usually in a full parking lot. Embarrassing...& then look around to see if anyone is watching.

If you have any information about the current location of plates C39519V or the whereabouts of the stolen white 2008 Ford Econoline van, please call Pasco Police at 509-628-0333.

You never know, those stolen plates might be on another vehicle now.

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