Pasco Police need your help to identify the "Snap-On" tools thief.

The person in the photo was snooping around the Green Tree Trailer Court on North 4th Street near I-182 Sunday at about 6:10 am. (Is that a man-bun?)

Surveillance images show the suspect arriving in a car. He gets out and checks around the lot. He then broke a window on a van to gain entry and took several "Snap-On" items.

Dave Allen
Dave Allen

The owner reported that they're missing a Snap-On drill, saw, sockets, batteries, and a charger. Also taken, was a Snap-On black and white bag. All the tools are engraved with the name, "OSCAR".

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I guess the take-away is this: If you're approached by someone selling "Snap-On" tools, look carefully to see if "Oscar" is engraved on them. Notice what the seller is wearing and try to notice details about them. Then you have two options.

1. Purchase them and report the incident to Police. Hopefully, they'll track the suspect down and your money will be returned.

2. Decline to purchase the tools, and report the incident to Police.

Or, area construction workers, take notice if a co-worker shows up to a work-site with new "Snap-On" tools. If so, contact Police.

There are a number of ways this could go.

Please keep your eyes open for the missing Snap-On tools. I'm pretty sure Oscar would like them back. After all, his name is engraved on them.

If you can identify the prowler or the vehicle, please call Pasco Police at 509-628-0333.

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