The Pasco School District Summer feeding program will be in effect again this year, starting June 14th.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture will be spearheading the program at numerous schools across the US, and Pasco School District will participate.  Meals will be provided at various school locations and in Memorial Park in Pasco for all children who participate, without charge.   The following schools will offer breakfast programs for children ages one through 18:

*Chess Elementary School, Chiawana High School, Pasco High School, New Horizons School,  Ochoa and Stevens Middle Schools.

The following schools will also offer lunch programs:

*Chiawana High School, Chess Elementary, Robinson Elementary, News Horizons High School, Ochoa and Stevens Middle Schools.   Also lunch at Memorial Park in Pasco.

Some of the schools and venues will be offering meals at staggered times and dates between June 14th and August 17th, for more details please call 546-2836. Click here for a calendar menu for the program.