If you spot area school buses adorned with the number 4 in the Tri-Cities and through the state of Washington, there's a reason why.

Kennewick and Richland school districts are honoring Pasco's School District #1 bus driver Richard Lenhart, who drove Route 4.

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Lenhart was the school bus driver that was killed while transporting kids at Longfellow Elementary School when Joshua Davis boarded the bus and stabbed Lenhart repeatedly.

School Districts around Washington are displaying the #4. Snoqualmie School District showed their love and support by wearing the #4 and had a moment of silence in Lenhart's honor.

Richland Schools will be following suit and honoring Lenhart as well.

The Kennewick School District's Facebook page has hundreds of comments honoring Lenhart for his service and sacrifice. The outpouring of love is truly amazing.

Going back to the case, Davis remains behind bars on a million-dollar bond and Davis's motivations for the stabbing are still unknown at this time. Pasco Police say that Davis didn't know Lenhart and dispelled rumors that Davis was homeless.

If you see the #4 on area school buses, you now know why you are seeing the number.

You can honor and leave comments on Lenhart here.

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