A technical glitch at Pasco Wendy's has customers freaking out for charges that were made months ago hitting their accounts now.

According to a report from our news partner KNDU, Wendy's in Pasco had software glitches in February which has caused delayed charges to hit their customer's bank accounts and the delay has customers upset.

If you ate at Wendy's over the last few months, don't be surprised when those charges hit your account over the next few weeks. Customers called their banks and the charges are legitimate, they are just delayed and now are hitting customers' accounts.

NBC Right Now posted this statement from Wenspok Companies (the parent company of Wendy's) explaining the situation:

"Wendy’s takes the security of its customers’ information very seriously. We recently experienced some internet connectivity issues at a Wendy’s restaurant in Pasco, WA, which resulted in a system processing delay of payment card transactions. While these are valid transactions in a secure payment system, we apologize to any impacted customers for the delay in processing and any confusion this may have caused."

One customer got charged several times for several visits but only because a software glitch didn't debit the money immediately.

If you frequented Wendy's in Pasco over the last few months, double-check your bank to make sure that the charges have or haven't cleared the bank.

According to the KNDU report, Pasco Wendy's delayed charges could affect up to 800 transactions over the last few months but don't worry, these are legitimate charges that are valid.

If you want to read more details about the story, click here.

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