Some Connell students are under investigation for supposed racist remarks at a recent basketball game.

In a press release from the North Franklin School District, the District discusses the investigation:

North Franklin School District has begun conducting an investigation into allegations of racist remarks made by Connell High School students during a girls’ basketball game on Saturday, May 22nd.

Near the conclusion of the Saturday night basketball game against Zillah High School, the North Franklin Athletic Director was made aware of inappropriate remarks and gestures from Connell students in the bleachers.

The athletic director informed the NFSD superintendent and school board Saturday evening, after which the superintendent directed the high school administrative team to begin an immediate investigation, including interviews, gathering of statements, and review of game film and social media.

The district began interviewing students on May 24th.

“Any show of racism is inexcusable and will not be tolerated in our district,” states NFSD Superintendent Jim Jacobs. “We take these allegations seriously and, while we are unable to share disciplinary details due to privacy laws, we will assure appropriate consequences are administered.”

No word yet on the results of the investigation but we'll update the story as we get more information.

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