A second driver has come forth in that fatal accident that killed Ashley Guevara in a Kennewick intersection accident over the weekend.

Kennewick Police had been searching for the second driver that might have struck Guevara as she fell out of a moving vehicle at the intersection of Clearwater and Main on Sunday, October 4th.

Guevara was just 21 when she passed away and the investigation has been underway all week trying to figure out what the details of the accident are.

The driver of Guevara's car wasn't driving impaired because of drugs and alcohol but the police suspected that another car had struck Guevara when she fell and the Police have been searching for that driver.

The driver turned themself in and Kennewick Police are still investigating the extent to which the second car and driver were involved with the accident.

Police say it might take several weeks to finish up the investigation.

The driver's name hasn't been released yet.

If you want to read more details on the accident, click here for more details.

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