Pasco's Grand Old 4th Celebration has been canceled, however, The City of Pasco has added a fun and healthy twist to the 4th of July this year.

 The coolest virtual challenge ever! In this year of social distancing and isolation brought on by COVID 19, there is no better time to show your support for freedom than to participate in the Pasco's Grand Old 4th of July 20-Mile Virtual Challenge. The challenge will begin on Friday, June 19 and participants will have the next two weeks, until midnight on July 3, to complete the 20 miles. Participate anyway you want! You can walk a mile or two a day, go on a few short runs each week, or finish the whole thing in just a couple of long runs, how you complete the 20 miles is up to you and your fitness level!

On the website, we've placed a virtual map so that you can track your progress toward the 20-mile goal. To track your miles you must login to your account and post your completed miles. Feel ambitious? Continue logging miles beyond the goal and see how far you can run before the July 3 deadline!

The event costs $12 click below to sign up

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