Pink has kicked off an intense promotional run for her new album ‘The Truth About Love’ and first single ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss).’ The singer hit Elvis Duran’s radio show to talk about ‘Love’ (her album) and love (her husband, Carey Hart, with whom she has had some knockdown, drag out fights!). She admitted that some of her tough edges have been blunted and softened, but did recall the time she got 13 stitches slashing her Hart’s tires! Turns out she was trying to save his life. This you gotta hear!

Pink, who brought daughter Willow with her to the interview, breastfeeding before sitting down to chat, has no qualms about maturing and exchanging the pop diva lifestyle for motherhood, saying, “I didn’t miss out on any table dancing. I’ve done it. I’m good.”

She recalled passionate fights she has had with Hart, with whom she temporarily split in 2008. Remember, her No. 1 hit ‘So What’ referenced losing her husband and Hart even appeared in the wink-wink, nudge-nudge vid. “We fight nice these days,” she said about their relationship. When the hosts say that she seems tough, she admitted, “I used to be. I’m so not. I had 13 stitches in my hand from trying to slash his tires and I learned from that. I got through the first tire. The second one was where I lost team and hit the metal part and not rubber.”


Long story short?

It was Thanksgiving. They were both drunk. They went upstairs for a quickie, but the bedroom caught on fire because she was smoking and didn’t put it out, so they got in a huge fight. He was trying to leave and she didn’t want him driving drunk so her tire slashing was an effort to save his life. She told docs in the ER that she got her wounds chopping ice, though!

As for the album, it will boast 14 songs and only two will be slow. She dances to the songs with Willow in the morning. Aw! Motherhood agrees with Pink the pop star.

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