I love a good feel-good story, I saw this on Facebook the other day and was compelled to share this wonderful story. A friend of mine, Aleena Meise, from Richland was scrolling through Facebook when she came across a stranger, AnnaLee, asking for help on a group called "Buy Nothing." It was not help for herself, but for an elderly gentleman she cares for.

The post read "I care for an elderly gentleman that really needs his ramp replaced. I'm looking for either lumber or plywood to replace or build up what is currently here. Or resources for getting help with one, I've already spoke with insurance."

After seeing this plea for help, Aleena felt she needed to respond and offer her time and skill. Aleena has been a union carpenter for approximately 18 years and has more than the skills needed for this task, so she jumped at the chance. Next, she posted her own plea asking for any donations to help purchase the materials needed for the construction. It didn't take long and a very generous couple, Steve and Jessy donated the materials needed.

Aleena is a very busy gal, as she works full time and has three young, busy little ones. However, she set enough time aside this weekend and went to work! She also recruited a helper, probably the cutest helper I have ever seen also! Her helper was her four year old daughter, Willow.

This story just snowballs with great intentions and lessons!

Aleena and Willow spent a few hours rebuilding and constructing a new, safe ramp for the "elderly gentleman" Williams and his wife Florence. Two lovely people who were so grateful they described their new ramp as "life changing." They called Aleena TWICE after it was finished just to express their gratitude.

I just love hearing stories like this, there are so many good people, doing good deeds but the best part (in my eyes) was teaching a four year little girl all about giving, giving to strangers and how it feels. Thank you to everyone who was involved in getting this couple a new, safe ramp to use. It's people like you that reassures the world there truly is greatness amongst us!

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