This one caught my eye.  I'm a firm believer in masking up to move on.  And, I still FORGET to mask up when I leave my car to enter a business.

Now, the Pullman Police Department will be enforcing the state's mask mandate.  The City of Pullman issued a press release indicating that people who are found in violation may face a fine up to $5,000 and could face jail time.

I don't wear a mask in my vehicle.  I feel that it's just me and my husband.  We don't wear masks in our home.

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I did go to a gathering of fewer than 10 people last weekend.  We did not wear masks.  It was a barbecue and it was great to be able to enjoy the small-talk with total strangers.  I felt safe.  No mask needed for me.  Everyone is different.

I bring a mask when I walk the path along the river.  I make sure I carry a mask with me when biking.  I see some people biking with masks.

Whenever I know that I'll be encountering people, I have a mask with me.  I have a stash of disposable masks in my glove box.  I carry two cloth masks in my purse.  Masks to me are almost as important as my reader glasses.

Never the less, there is a mask mandate in the state of Washington and the City of Pullman Police Department will be enforcing guidelines.

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