About a dozen friends and relatives were gathered on a front porch after a wedding when they thought they heard fireworks. Then they realized two of their relatives were lethally shot.

Because no one realized the sound was gun shots, no one even noticed the car that drove by, and therefore couldn't tell police what it looked like.

One of the residents of the home they were at is in a gang, but otherwise there is no proof it was a gang shooting (although it is highly likely).

Jessica Rodriguez was a 29-year-old mother of one and a hairstylist at Creations Salon & Spa on Keene Road in Richland. She sometimes lived in Toppenish, sometimes in Kennewick.

The gathering in Toppenish was an after-party for a Zillah wedding.

Toppenish Police have nothing to go on.

The other victim is 21-year-old Eduardo Flores of Toppenish.