Despite being eight months pregnant, Nur Suryani Mohammed Taibi of Maylasia finished 34th among the competitors in the women’s 10-meter air rifle event at the Summer Olympics in London on Saturday. Taibi, 29, entered the London Games ranked 47th in the world in the 10-meter air rifle.

Taibi’s due date is scheduled to fall within a few weeks after the close of the London Games. The baby girl, which will be named Dayana Widyan, kicked several times as Taibi shot at targets on the rifle range on Saturday.

“I felt her [the baby] kick three or four times during the competition, but I just told her to be calm, to be quiet,” Taibi said.

Though she was aware of the nearness of the timing of her due date to the Olympics, Taibi, 29, still opted to compete in London. Taibi’s husband, Marhazli B. Mhotar, also flew to London to be with his wife. Mhotar and Maylasian coaches raised concerns about Taibi making the long trip to the Summer Olympics, but her doctors approved the idea.

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