If you live in Prosser, you've seen the beautiful and colorful painted ponies that sit in front of the Prosser Public Library, and now sadly one of the ponies has been damaged.

The Historic Downtown Prosser Organization is asking for folks to stay off the ponies - they posted an update about the ponies on their Facebook page concerning the ponies:

Update on the ponies... we have had to remove Horse Tales from the library due to severe damage to its back legs. We are working on repairing that as quickly as possible. Please, please, please do not sit on, climb on, stand on, use force on, or harm these pieces of art. We are grateful to the citizen who saw the damage after the fact and reported it so that we could get to it right away. The video we have looked to be an accidental incident. We sincerely hope that no one would intentionally damage property, let alone these unique and special art installations.

We have also moved STEMPower, Photo Finish, and Mosaic Mare into storage while Bennett Avenue construction is completed. They will be put back out when we have the green light to do so

The good news is that the damage wasn't malicious but to be safe, the ponies are being moved into storage until the Bennett Avenue construction is completed. You can read more about the Prosser Ponies here.

Prosser Ponies

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