Prosser is one of the safest little towns we have in the area but a few nights ago, a drive-by shooting has police wondering what the cause is.

The Prosser Police in a press release said on August 28th just before 10 pm, They responded to a call of shots fired at the 1400 block of Prosser Avenue.

The officers arrived on the scene and discovered that the residence had been struck numerous times by gunfire.

The Police are baffled by the shooting. Luckily, no injuries were reported but the victims believe that a displayed Thin Blue Line flag might've been the cause.

Wikipedia describes the "thin blue line" is a term for the police that is used to assert that they are the line that keeps society from descending into violent chaos.

The term also refers to the idea of a code of silence among police officers used to cover up police conduct.

Prosser Police reported that they are unaware of any gang activity at the residence but  Prosser PD has one-two persons of interest under investigation for the shooting.

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