Prosser man Phil Frazier, 41, fell 30 feet off an overpass while trying to help another driver. He shattered his pelvis, six ribs, his wrist and a bone in his shoulder while also damaging soft tissue in his shoulders and ankles.

He was driving home from Grandview with his wife Wendy when he noticed a car crashed into a barrier on the other side of the freeway. He asked his wife to pull over and call 911 while he went to help. After crossing four lanes of traffic, he got to the shoulder when a car veering off the road came too close for comfort. He jumped over the median trying to get out of the way not know he was on an overpass!

He fell 30 feet and then rolled another 20 feet into a ditch filled with water that ran under the overpass.

He was unconscious for an unknown period of time and awoke in excruciating pain. With a dislocated wrist and a shattered pelvis he could not crawl.

His yells for help were drowned out by the sound of the freeway.

Finally he gained enough composure to put his own wrist back in place. He then took off his belt and stabilized his legs enough drag himself partially out of the water.

Meanwhile back on the road his wife waited patiently until the ambulance left, then the tow truck with the wrecked car, then the state trooper. But her husband never came back. Eventually the trooper turned around and noticed she was still there. She explained what happened and trooper Nathan Parent went looking for Frazier.

He was taken to Kadlec, then flown to Harborview.

The Fraziers had recently moved from Coeur d'Alene to Prosser to work on a farm. They did not have health insurance at the time of the accident.

[SOURCE: Tri-City Herald]