What Is The Average Electric Bill In Washington State?

If you peeked inside your most recent Washington electric bill, you might be a little frustrated with your bill as electric rates appear to have escalated.

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We had an article recently on how Richland's new electric meters have residents frustrated with their most recent bills and it looks like Kennewick is now updating its meters.

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In Kennewick, I average about $150 for a 2000 square foot "Brady Bunch" house built in 1970 with a brand-new HVAC system. It did jump in December to $300 and now it's back in January to $195.

I'm frustrated like the rest of Washington State on high electric bills but I was surprised that Washington State doesn't even rank at the top of the highest electric bills in the nation.


Real estate site TNRealEstate has analyzed the average cost of energy bills across all 50 states

The team used data from Statista, published in January 2023, to look at the price for both energy and natural gas bills to give a total and Washington State ranked low on the energy bill costs.

Here is what the survey said:

Hawaii has the highest energy bills at $399.49 on average per household each month. Hawaii also had the highest bills individually for both electricity and gas, at $162.66 and $236.83, respectively.  

Connecticut has the second-highest energy bills in the US, with $242.49 on average. Connecticut also has the second-highest electricity bill individually at $161.55.  

The state with the third highest energy bills on average is Alabama, totaling $222.78 a month. Fourth place goes to Georgia at $215.80, which has the second-highest gas bill, after Hawaii, at $85.88.

The state with the cheapest energy bills is Idaho, averaging $130.37 each month. Idaho had the lowest natural gas bill individually, at just $35.33.

Colorado has the second-lowest energy bill, at $134.20, while Montana has the third-lowest at $141.14.  

New Mexico is the state which has the lowest electricity bill individually at $86.66.

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Washington State will surprise you. We didn't take out our Idaho neighbor, their average is $95.04 but we bested Oregon which has an average electric bill of $102.

Washington State's average electric bill is $95.72, well below the highest in the nation.

You can read more on the report here and don't worry, it doesn't matter what the survey says, I'm always going to gripe about the electric bill even though Washington State has a pretty good deal when it comes to utility bills.  

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