The stars came out in droves last night (May 21) to raise money and awareness for Red Nose Day, the comedy-based charity campaign dedicated to raising funds for non-profit organizations that aid youth in poverty. The NBC special was the first American edition of Comic Relief's annual telethon, and basically every famous person ever pitched in. Here are a few of the evening's musical highlights:

Ed Sheeran and Kermit the Frog sing "Rainbow Connection"


Between their banter and their excellent rendition of the Muppet Movie classic, Ed Sheeran reached screen-melting, heart-melting levels of adorable here.


Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman Perform a Special The Voice Appeal Battle

Nick Offerman receives some coaching from Jeff Goldblum, and Will Ferrell makes sure to drench his face in artificial tears as the two comedians prepare to face off. It's still novel to see Parks and Rec's Offerman without his Ron Swanson 'stache, and the two managed to entertain while sharing important info on educating and inoculating kids (as Christina Aguilera claps and gives her "YAAAS!" of approval).

Coldplay's Hilariously Terrible Game of Thrones Musical

Coldplay composed the ultimate Game of Thrones musical in a funny mock-documentary clip. Chris Martin strums and sings to the tune of the HBO drama's theme, "there are Starks and there are Lannisters and Kardashians in the —" before drummer Will Champion stops him with,"Targaryens, idiot." (Champion should know, since he put in a brief cameo during the show's infamous Red Wedding episode.) GoT stars Emilia Clarke and Diana Rigg voice their misgivings, while Iwan Rheon, who plays the loathsome Ramsay Bolton, joins rehearsals. Eventually a large chunk of the cast shows up, and it's worth watching for Kit Harrington's song alone — check it out above.

Even if you missed last night's events, you can still donate by visiting, calling (844) 446-6673 or simply texting "GIVE" to 80077. You can watch more Red Nose Day highlights here.

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