Now a high school vice principal, this former Seahawks safety met up with a neighbor Sunday morning to discuss a parking spot and by the end of the conversation he was shot and died at a local hospital.
Anthony "T.J." Cunningham played with the Seahawks in 1996 before retiring with injuries. He was a star at University of Colorado. This year he was 46. He was a vice principal at Hinkley High School in Aurora, Colorado. The meet-up with the neighbor was at another high school about a mile from their homes. 

According to a witness, the two had been bickering over the parking spot for a long time and met up to fight. It is unclear whether they both intended a physical altercation, but the neighbor brought a gun and used it. He called police and turned himself in.

After the incident police changed their initial charge to first degree murder against the neighbor.

Drafted in the 6th round in 1996 Cunningham played 9 games before a knee injury.

Aurora, Colorado is also where the movie theater mass shooting occurred in 2012.

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