Richland Police are warning that phone scammers are impersonating Richland Police personnel.

Richland Police took to their Facebook page to let citizens know that they aren't calling residents.
Several residents have reported receiving suspicious phone calls from persons claiming to be Richland Police personnel. The calls are a hoax.
Here is what Richland Police had to say about the incidents:
Richland Police Officers will, on occasion, make phone calls to citizens to resolve matters. In the event, an officer calls you to discuss a matter, and you don’t feel right about it, you can confirm the call is legitimate by contacting our dispatch center’s non-emergency line at (509) 628-0333. Please advise the person calling you that you wish to confirm their call through dispatch. The dispatch center will have a record that the officer is attempting to contact you.
If you receive a call from the Richland Police Department, make sure call their dispatch center to make sure it's valid. It's a good reminder never to give out your personal information over the phone no matter what.
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