While reports of what happened at a Pasco residence vary, the outcome is the same. A woman went to jail. The Richland woman is at the Franklin County Jail. 37-year old Kristina Diefenbach was arrested early Monday morning for assault and burglary after a disturbance in the 4400 block of West Nixon Street in Pasco.

As Police responded to the residence, they received several accounts of what went down at the home. Police found several people, some of them bloody. After the people were separated and interviewed, Diefenbach and a male arrived uninvited to the scene demanding the return of some property.

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Diefenbach is accused of jumping over a locked backyard fence and went on to assault several people. She's accused of striking some with an unknown object and a flashlight. Officers found a set of brass knuckles and a flashlight in Diefenbach's possession.

Dave Allen
Dave Allen

The male who accompanied Diefenbach and the occupants of the home are NOT facing any charges in the altercation. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Pasco Police at 509-628-0333.

Diefenbach was booked into the Franklin County Jail just after midnight on an investigative hold for Assault Second Degree and Burglary First Degree.

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