If you're a hardcore or even casual sports fan, you've probably got some memorabilia. It catches your eye when you see it, sometimes you've got to buy it!


I'm definitely one of those people. I follow sports franchises that have rich history. Every time I'm in the Uptown Shopping Center, at least one store I visit has some sweet sports history.

My wife had me drop off her dry cleaning at Uptown Cleaners, and I saw a signed Frank Robinson picture. For $15, I made it mine and hung it up in my Orioles shrine. He's a special player for my favorite team, racking up 586 home runs, two World Series rings, 2 MVPs, a very rare batting Triple Crown, and he became the first black manager in baseball history. We were also born in the same Texas town.

Obviously there was a ton of Seahawks signed stuff as well, ranging from Steve Largent posters to Russell Wilson signed helmets and more.

Spending a weekend afternoon in the Richland Uptown is always a blast!

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