I can't resist a good pop song.

I always get guff for my musical tastes but I'm not ashamed. I love a great cheesy pop and I like them even better when they are sung by TV actors.

I've gathered five songs done by TV actors that where hit songs on the radio back in the day.

Check out these five forgotten radio hits sung by famous TV actors.

  • 1

    Respect Yourself - Bruce Willis

    It's Bruce Willis and YES...He's Bruno! The song "Respect Yourself" hit No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1987 and People Magazine gave the album a B+ rating.

  • 2

    Don't Give Up On Us - David Soul

    David Soul played Hutch on the popular "Starsky and Hutch" TV program and surprised everyone by taking this song to No. 1 in the U.S. and several other countries. It sold over 1 million copies -- not too shabby.

  • 3

    They Don't Know - Tracey Ullman

    Tracey Ullman is a very famous actress and comedian so her musical entry on the list is a surprise. Tracey in 1983 took the song all the way to No. 8 on the Hot 100 Billboard Chart. It's been covered by many artists and it's a great sing-a-long road trip song for that next fun getaway!


  • 4

    Heartbeat - Don Johnson

    Don Johnson is synonymous with "Miami Vice," but he also had a No. 5 record in 1986 with "Heartbeat." It showed potential with Dweezil Zappa on lead guitar but sadly it wasn't meant to be. I'm still enjoying the tune but it's long been forgotten.

  • 5

    Nothing My Love Can't Fix - Joey Lawrence

    Joey Lawrence was a child actor that started on "Gimme A Break" and had huge success on "Blossom." Joey also ended up with a hit on the charts with "Nothing My Love Can't Fix." It was his only trip to the charts but the colors in the video are unforgettable.

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