I grew up listening to the radio, in an era when you couldn't just dial up a song anytime you wanted. You were at the mercy of your local DJ.

You had to sit by the radio with a tape recorder, and when a song came on that you liked, you pressed "record," hoping to grab the song in its entirety. The only issue was that at times the disc jockey's voice covered over your song. For me that didn't matter, though -- it just made the mix tape more interesting. I dedicate this blog to the various songs that have come and gone, but will forever remain in that Walkman of the past.

Today's hit took the world by storm in early 1996.

It was the third single of the hugely popular "Jagged Little Pill" and it made Alanis into a household name. I loved this song and it quickly made me run out and purchase the CD. I do admit that I knew of Alanis from the first few songs, but "Ironic" seemed to be the song that resonated the most with music buyers at the time.

Ironically, Alanis had put out two previous pop dance albums which didn't do well and I've enclosed the ill-fated video and lead track to her debut album called "Alanis." It's total 180 which makes Alanis success with "Ironic" even more surprising.

Alanis attempted two albums in the pop/dance genre before breaking off into the pop/alternative side of things. She reinvented herself in the grunge era and made "Jagged Little Pill" the critics' darling despite her pop/dance background.

Ironic flew to the top of the charts and the innovative video spearheaded its success. It's basically Alanis traveling down a wintry highway with her three companions who just happen to be her. It caught your attention and with a hook from hell, you couldn't stop singing it.

Alanis came to the Northwest, stopping in Yakima in the fall of 1998 and performed at the Yakima SunDome. If you got a chance to see the show, you know she didn't disappoint.