I'm a huge fan of Steven Tyler! Always have been. And his quirky, crazy rock n' roll life has been nothing but fascinating! You wouldn't imagine a guy like that would settle down. Of course he is gettin' up in age!  I think it's so cute how in love he is with his fiance Erin. He just gushes when he speaks of her, and they've been together for five years! Congrats Steven! I think he's found his true love!

If he knows when he'll be exchanging wedding vows with fiancée Erin Brady, Steven Tyler isn't saying, but the Aerosmith frontman apparently has a good idea where it will take place.

Speaking with Life & Style magazine earlier this week at a fundraising event in Los Angeles, Tyler said, "[Wedding planning is] good," before revealing, "I know where we're going to get married...I thought either [Hawaii] or Phuket [in Thailand]."

The 63-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer added that the ceremony definitely happen by the sea.

"I'm all about writing 'I love you' on a beach and surprising somebody," he maintained.  "[It's] going to be way over-the-top romantic."

About his 35-year-old bride-to-be, who he dated for five years before popping the question late last year, Tyler gushed, "I love her.  I love her.  We're birds of a feather."